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Established 2009. We are a team of expert technologists with more then 10,000 happy clients!

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Years serving Palm Beach County

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Welcome to Palm Beach Ultrasound

We are an advanced diagnostic ultrasound team serving the community for the past 13+ years.

13 years serving Palm Beach County
10,000+ Happy Clients
Fast & Convenient

What is our mission?

Palm Beach Ultrasound (PBU) is working to be the advanced ultrasound screening and diagnostic testing provider of choice for people in the communities we serve as well as their medical providers. We strive to deliver to our patients:
1. Fast and accurate results.
2. A pleasant experience from registration to the completion of the imaging exam.
3. A very sincere “thank you” for choosing our facility.

At Palm Beach Ultrasound, people are treated with the respect they deserve. Their pre-registration is made simple and any wait times are minimal in length. Test results are provided to physicians and patients as quickly as possible so any treatment deemed appropriate may begin.

The Palm Beach Ultrasound advantage

The major benefit of selecting Palm Beach Ultrasound? It’s simple. We perform the majority of common exams and specialized tests at fees that are often significantly lower potential out-of-pocket medical expenses. Patients are amazed at the difference in what they may have to pay for a test when they compare us to a hospital or medical center especially when we deliver quality service nights and weekends!

A trusted partner in diagnostic imaging

For those who have chosen a Palm Beach Ultrasound facility, we thank you and look forward to serving you again. For those who have not yet visited us, we invite you to come and have your very own PBU patient experience! We are ready to serve you for any Liver, Abdomen ,Kidney, Breast, Testicle, Prenatal ,Carotid, Pelvis, Thyroid ultrasounds study needs you may have.