The great thing about ultrasound is that there is no age limit. And it's radiation free, and regardless of your breast tissue type, you will benefit from the exam. After the age of 50, it is recommended that women take care of their breast health annually; however, with ultrasound, women can start receiving breast screenings in their 20s. Start taking control of your breast health today!

Why Should You Get Screened?

If you have any of these symptoms you could gain a lot from having an ultrasound breast screening. It might just save your life.
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  • If you are experiencing any unusual breast pain anywhere on the breast, nipple, or under the armpit.
  • If you have noticed any type of nipple discharge, whether it be a new findings or noticed for awhile.
  • If you are feeling any new lumps that you noticed were not there before or you feel a current one changing shape or size
  • If you have a strong family history of breast cancer, especially mothers, daughters, sisters or aunts.
  • If you have previously had breast cancer and received a double or single mastectomy
  • If you have had a lumpectomy
  • If you have implants
  • If you have fibrocystic breast tissue and are prone to getting breast cysts
  • If you have been putting off your mammogram and have not done anything for your breast health
  • If you just want peace-of-mind

  • I'm too busy

    We are open nights and weekends

  • It's Painful

    Actually, it is not painful at all and there is no radiation worry!

  • I have Dense Breasts

    In many cases, you will be sent for an ultrasound after a mammogram if you have dense breasts

  • Insurance Doesn't Cover It

    Why wait until then? Screenings are only $149 and your health is worth much more!

Some women prefer to come every year or even every 6 months if you are composed of mostly dense breast tissue. Not sure if you have dense breasts? Most doctors can tell you just by Clinical Breast Exams, but ultrasound can detect density and the amount of it accurately. When you get your screening with us, we can educate you on your breast tissue make up so you can be more aware of the type of breast health care you may need. Have breast implants? No problem! With ultrasound we can see through the implant, underneath it and down to the chest wall. Better yet, no compressions!

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